Let’s Build Community

Building Community facilitates meaningful community relations and engagement. We work to transform communication systems from hierarchical to circular.

Our Engagement Consultant will develop trusting and productive partnerships among stakeholders, and organizations and community to:

  • Increase community’s awareness of organizations and programs
  • Maximize staff time and resources
  • Ensure community voice in program policy development
  • Enhance inter-agency communication systems


Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help non-profit, public, and private entities ensure they are relevant to communities and thrive in ever-changing environments.

Our vision is reciprocal relationships between organizations and the community based on trust, honesty, and authentic dialogue.

Our values include relationships, cultural understanding, respect, collaboration, responsive strategies, and asset development. 

Our Services

Relational Leadership

Community voice must inform organizational decisions. Our Liaisons are respected and trusted members of Flagstaff, Williams, Valle/Grand Canyon, Page, and Fredonia who recruit “Community Voice” members in their respective communities. Our “Community Voice” members are ready and willing to give voice to assets, challenges, and potential solutions to issues specific to their community. Partnering organizations may submit one question per month to ask our members.


Building Community values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We develop and maintain relationships with youth, adults, and organizations throughout Coconino County, particularly marginalized populations. Thereby, we have ongoing feedback from the community, which we, in turn, can share with organizational partners through consultations to discuss strategies to inform or enhance program relevance, promotional materials, outreach strategies, and strategic partnership development.

Organizational Membership

Client and interagency relationships are key to effective service delivery. Therefore, Building Community provides opportunities for organizational members to boost interagency collaboration. We can coordinate and facilitate service mixers as opportunities for providers to develop relationships outside their organization. We facilitate virtual training on requested family and community strengthening topics. We also provide members with quarterly consultations to support program development.

Program Assessment and Improvement Plan

As a community-focused business, we support organizations and programs in assessing their organizational policies and practices concerning staff and community-centeredness. In addition, we support organizations in assessing their family engagement, family strengthening, diversity, community building, and program evaluation. Programs receive a recommendation report with a menu of potential strategies to support the development or enhancement of relationship-based service delivery. We can also coordinate your established improvement plan.


We enjoy facilitating planning meetings. We have tools and techniques to support organizations in enhancing internal work culture. We value service collaboration and coordination. Therefore, we work with diverse organizations to expand strategic external partnerships and streamline interagency communication.

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