Building Community strongly believes community voice should inform organizational decisions! As a social entrepreneurship, we partner with schools, non-profit, public, and private entities looking to deepen and expand their organizations connection to the families and community they serve.

At Building Community we recognize that diversity and distributed leadership are vital to creating positive, enduring organizational and community change.

Identifying and developing relationships with communities, especially those marginalized, takes time. Building Community does the relationship outreach, development, and maintenance for you.

Our services ensure that diverse community members inform your organization’s allocation of resources and service implementation.

We are dedicated to assuring organizations enhance their capacity to be responsive to the communities they serve and thrive in ever-changing environments.


Values for Partnering Organizations 

Community Outreach:

We invest time and resources to develop diverse relationships in the community. Therefore, programs that need community voice per grants or other policies do not need to start from scratch each time. We build and maintain relationships to save your program time and energy so  you can focus your time and energy on your specialty service!


Informed Strategies:

“Community Voice” can ensure organizational programs and policies are relevant to the community they serve. If you are wanting to increase efficiency and effectiveness, we can ask our “Community Voice” members questions on your behalf to ensure your practices and strategies are impactful.


Diversity and Inclusion:

Have you ever wondered how to increase your organization’s family-centeredness for staff and clients? Family strengthening? Diversity? Community Building? We can facilitate program self-assessments and develop a quality improvement plan tailored to your organization.

We serve schools, non-profit, public, and private organizations:

Our Services

Relational and Cultural Wealth  

Building Community strongly believes authentic relationships built on trust and honest conversations are fundamental to personal, organizational, and community health.   

Does your school or family-serving organization emphasize authentic, reciprocal relationships and communication with every staff, family, and stakeholder? Does your school or organization include and learn from the array of cultural knowledge, skills, abilities, and contacts of marginalized groups? How do you draw on the knowledge diverse people bring from their homes and communities? 

Building Community, LLC contracts with schools and organizations to facilitate and support internal workplace relationships, external partnership development, and community engagement services. Strategies may include mediation, employee focus groups, communication plans, client focus groups, or strengthening interagency collaborations. We support you in learning about and including the multiple strengths of diverse people to meet your mission.  


Building Community values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We develop and maintain relationships with youth, adults, and organizations throughout Coconino County, particularly marginalized populations. Thereby, we have ongoing feedback from the community, which we, in turn, can share with organizational partners through consultations to discuss strategies to inform or enhance program relevance, promotional materials, outreach strategies, and strategic partnership development.

Organizational Assessment

As a community-focused business, we support organizations and programs in assessing their organizational policies and practices concerning staff and community-centeredness. In addition, we support organizations in assessing their family engagement, family strengthening, diversity, community building, and program evaluation. Programs receive a recommendation report with a menu of potential strategies to support the development or enhancement of relationship-based service delivery. We can also coordinate your established improvement plan.


We enjoy facilitating planning meetings. We have tools and techniques to support organizations in enhancing internal work culture. We value service collaboration and coordination. Therefore, we work with diverse organizations to expand strategic external partnerships and streamline interagency communication.

Professional Development

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences/Resiliency
  • Family Protective Factors
  • Family Centeredness/ Engagement
  • Diversity/Community Building

Our Mission & Vision

We facilitate dialogue and collaborative planning to enhance program and community outcomes.

Our vision is reciprocal relationships between organizations and the community based on trust, honesty, and authentic dialogue.

Our values include relationships, cultural understanding, respect, collaboration, responsive strategies, and asset development.